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Extractions in Stoke and Nelson

While our teeth are meant to last forever, sometimes severe damage makes pulling, or extracting, a tooth necessary. The most common reasons for an extraction are

  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Extra teeth
  • Infection
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Periodontal disease


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What to Expect

When you come to Fresh Dental, our staff uses the most advanced technology for more accurate results. First, we’ll take X-rays and do a detailed exam to ensure extraction is necessary, and cannot be fixed with a crown, filling, or other treatment.

If the tooth is beyond repair, causing too much pain, or the patient doesn’t want a root canal, extraction is the best option. In some cases, extraction is done to create more space in the mouth or to prepare for braces.

Your dentist will give a local anaesthetic to the area of the tooth to be extracted. You won’t feel any pain, but will still feel pressure during the procedure. After the extraction, we’ll pack the area with gauze to begin the healing process.

Post-op care instructions are given orally and in writing to help prevent infection. Patients are instructed to do warm salt water rinses for 5-6 days, starting the day after the extraction.

Since there is a chance of infection, you may be prescribed antibiotics. Swelling can be controlled by using an ice pack, and anti-inflammatory medication (not aspirin, which can increase bleeding).

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The most common reasons for wisdom teeth extractions are pain or crowding of the teeth due to a lack of room. X-rays are taken to determine whether the tooth can be safely removed in our office.

If there are no complicating factors, your dentist will perform the extraction in the office as normal. If the wisdom teeth are impacted, your gums are infected as a result of the eruption of the tooth, or other complications, an oral surgeon may be necessary.

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